Salesforce Editor (Chrome extension)

Salesforce editor chrome extension is a replacement of salesforce developer console. Developers can access and modify apex pages, classes, static resources, components and objects. This chrome extension is lightweight, allow switching between multiple orgs, It comes with powerful editor which supports autosuggest, search, replace, query editor, and many useful tools for developers.

News Analytics Platform (Hybrid Mobile App)

This mobile application is designed to serve news for mobile users. It allow users to read news by date and geographical location over the map. We process news with our engine and surve news authenticity index. User can maintain history, bookmarks, share news etc. News application have a rich analytical backend app to provide news analytics to media houses.

Survey Light (Salesforce)

A vanilla Survey app for internal salesforce users. We designed it to match with most common requirements. It support lightning UI and salesforce1. It’s free and will be available on appexchange.

Data Import Export Solution (Salesforce)

This tool can be used to import/export data from / to cvs. It is designed to avoid salesforce limitations and use scheduler and batch job process to import/export data. It provides a functionality to execute pre and post processing apex script which can be written at the time of designing import/export job. It is currently under development and will be available on appexchange soon.

Lightning Charts (Salesforce Lightning)

This Lightning component can be used on any SObject to display analytical and statistical data through various types of charts (line, bar, pie, doughnut, bubble, radar ). It allows user to write custom SOQL to retrieves and render data on different charts. This component is for salesforce users who wants to get visual analytical report of their data. This tool is in security review phase.

Smart Survey (Salesforce)

This application is designed to see improvements across an organization from marketing to sales to support and beyond. User can increase marketing campaign effectiveness by building more engaging and helpful surveys. Using this application, all the customer support data stored in salesforce can be further used for business growth.